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dnalife™ Certification Course UK 23rd-25th November 2018 ALL 6 NGX tests included - EARLY BIRD OFFER ENDS - 30th SEPTEMBER 2018


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Nordic Laboratories dnalife® certification course

Nutrigenomics has come of age. More and more research is published supporting the fact that our genes, and how they react to our environment, impact how we are able to optimise our health and wellbeing. Nordic Laboratories has a family of genetic tests that can aid clinicians with individualising their patient strategies.

The applications of personalized medicine to patient care include the identification of genetic variants through laboratory tests and/or functional biomarkers for the purpose of designing patient-specific prescriptions for diet, exercise, stress, and environment.[Minich, D.M. and Bland, J.S. Personalized Lifestyle Medicine: Relevance for Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations, The Scientific World Journal. Volume 2013, Article ID 129841, 14 pages]

The tests are developed according to rigorous scientific standards. A gene will only be included in a test panel if strong evidence exists for an interaction with the environment, and the effect of the gene variant is in some way modifiable through a nutritional or lifestyle intervention. These findings need to have replicated in a minimum of three studies, and the results published in a peer reviewed journal. Complex as nutrigenomics is, Nordic Laboratories have put together a dnalife™ certification programme aimed at empowering the practitioner as how best to utilise the information gained from these tests.

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